6-7 November 2005   School gig

I'm about to do a performance in a school, where I can't help noticing there are lots of fit teenage girls. I go on stage with another performer (Diego?) but some rap music comes on as we are about to speak so we start to do a silly dance, at which point all the students leave the theatre as one. I go to a football dressing room and take a shirt from a peg but when I run out to play I see that my shirt is bright lime green while all the others are wearing fluorescent orange.

(This was the week I was about to debut The Guiri and, before that, Fluff Jackson... a typical theatrical anxiety dream).

10 – 11 November     120, Longsight

I've bought mum's house but there are big problems with the drains. We're watching work go on, which involves a huge magnet being lifted on the end of a crane. Janette is there and says that the magnet alone could set me back 250,000 pounds.

15 – 16 December     Asturias

Some gipsies are pursuing me down a snowy hill in a sleigh. They lead me to an ambush in the form of a gipsy camp half way up the snowy mountainside


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