1 – 2 marzo, 2006.

I'm at a party in a house made of metal. There are lots of intrigues and plots going on and I'm with Marga, who is talking to me in a very polite and civilised manner. I realise it's not a metal house, but an aeroplane waiting to take off, but it hasn't got any wings. This is a dream I had while I was breaking up with Marga.

9 – 10 marzo, 2006.

We are getting ready to do a Club Desastre in the Auditorio of Zaragoza. There's a lot of tension and a lot of people waiting, but I can't even find my way to the stage. There are some footballers from Peterborough United trying to fuck up the gig. One has gone to the mixing desk and is messing around. Everything becomes very chaotic. This is almost a nightmare.

18 – 19 septiembre (Worcester)

Zaragoza Celtic have won 1-0 away on a crap pitch with a crappy goal that bounces over their keeper's head. Even so, Jason is pissed off for some reason in the showers. We get in the train to go home – a double-decker like in Amsterdam – and it sets off fast over some water as if it were a jet foil.

25 – 26 septiembre (First night back in Zaragoza)

I spend the dream visiting nubile women in their houses on various pretexts. I end up having to run very fast between one and the other and end up almost flying, sort of scooting along the tarmac using my hands and wishing I had my bike.

27 – 28 septiembre

A repeat of a long film-like dream I've had before. I arrive at an airport in the USA with no money and no idea why I'm there. I walk around and make friends with a girl. She invites me to her home, where her father and 2 or 3 brothers obviously hate me. I wander round some more and return to the airport to explain my situation, accompanied by 2 of the brothers who are a bit calmer with me now they know that I'm fucking off.

2 – 3 October, 2006.

I'm on a bridge watching Marina play in the water. I'm pretty frightened that she'll drown or something but she tells me not to worry, as she's actually standing on stilts.

(A mixture of the tragedy of the 3 Sikh boys who drowned in the Lake District and a film I saw last night on Canal + about a little girl's bodyguard + the way Marga shouted at Marina and made her cry within 5 minutes of me seeing them both for the first time this 'season')

(John had a dream about me that night – me and him and Bryan in a cheap hotel in Russia with an enormous Russian woman that wants to shag all of us).

24 – 25 October (in a hotel en Almagro)

Some black guys dynamite a hole in my wall and I'm convinced they're planning a sort of Hip Hop revolution so I go to warn some guardia civil, but they take no notice of me. Then I go to a school where I bump into Sue collecting her kid. She mentions that so and so hasn't been to school today and I say 'As I suspected... he's one of those hip hop people, isn't he? They're planning a rebellion, I'm telling you, but no one will believe me'.

25 – 26 October (Almagro)

I'm listening to football on the radio with Frank and he tells me Liverpool are beating Chelsea 4-3. There are some mnutes left and I say 'I still think we'll win' and in the end we beat Liverpool 9-5 (very credible).

15 – 16 November (first day of illness)

John and Janette entrust me with keys to a house to look after. As I'm going to open it up ( a suburban semi in England) a proto-hoodie horrible little fat devil child follows me. I don't want him to know anything about the house and the keys so I try to shake him off by pretending to make phone calls from a telephone booth, but he just keeps hanging around outsied,

16 – 17 November (second day of illness)

I'm playing 11 a side football and make a superb pass to some French guy who seems to think I'm the dog´s bollocks. I wake up almost sad thinking that I used to be quite good and never will be that fast again.

17 – 18 November (third day of illness)

I go for a bike ride, ditch the bike and start to climb a hill (like last Sunday the other side of Farlete) but it gets too dangerous so I come down and decide to go home. John and Janette join me here and we follow a track which takes us to a viaduct, under which we find a systme of ramps and passages. John decides to knock on an old wooden door that's fallen off its hinges and an old tramp comes out. He's good-mannered and we all sit down at a table in the rubble wth him while he regales us with tales of his war experiences in the Pacific and Burma.

(John had a dream about me that night – me and him and Bryan in a cheap hotel in Russia wth an enormous Russian woman that wants to shag all of us).


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