13-14 February


I arrive late to the park for a game of football and struggle to get my boots on as my side is losing 4-1 already


22-23 February


I was with Marina in her lounge and was happy but at the same time I was aware that it was only a dream and so was sad.


27-28 February (Santander)


1 – I'm messing about with Vanessa, she's like a little girl (and reminds me of Marina). I see a picture of a new breed of rose in a book – the Chelsea rose; it's white with blue-tinged petals. We go into a shop together, pushing our way past ironing boards to get to the counter, where V wants something for 18 pounds and I want a (pro-)Chelsea joke book for 2 pounds. I drop a coin and retrieve it along with lots of others from the mucky floor. I have enough to be able to lend V 5 pounds.


2 – I'm making a bio-pic of the life of Marina. There's a scene where she and Marga are looking into a cage at the zoo. I give up filming realising that, though the child star is cute and sweet as sugar, she can't replace Marina as she is irreplaceable.


I wake up very sad from both dreams.


3 – 4 March, 2007


I'm asked to leave a library because I have dirty and bitten fingernails. I do so.


March, 2007


I'm at a wedding and telling some secret about the bride to the bride's dad. Something I feel he has to know. We're outside a church on a hill and it's a lovely sunny day. 3 lovely girls (Tep being one) are with me. I leave them for a moment to cycle the rest of the way to the top of the hill and enjoy the summer's day and the view.


10 – 11 November 120, Longsight


I've bought mum's house but there are big problems with the drains. We're watching work go on, which involves a huge magnet being lifted on the end of a crane. Janette is there and says that the magnet alone could set me back 250,000 pounds.


15 – 16 December Asturias


Some gipsies are pursuing me down a snowy hill in a sleigh. They lead me to an ambush in the form of a gipsy camp half way up the snowy mountainside


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