Sound Sources.
It's the day before a recording and I'm walking along Percy Street looking for sound sources. I find two expensive.looking watches and pick them up. One is a cartier. ThenI see an alam clock and move towards it but stand in some soft, warm mud. I'm only wearing the sandals I brought back form India.

Genesis and Rush
I'm at a party at my parents' home in Bolton but I hide away in dad's bedroom. Later I end up with Kevin Armstrong and Alison. I take a huge mirror off the wall and pretend it's a string bass, while Kev plays his guitar and we mime along to old Genesis and Rush albums.

Flash Blue Car.
I'm in a flash blue car, very low and shiny sapphire-coloured which I drive entirely by pedals at my feet and in which I'm going to Glasgow via Stonehenge (which is near Newcastle in the dream). I stop and get out, walk back down a hill into a town, find a college and ask for instructions but the directions they give me are unhelpful. I get in the car (which is back over a bridge) then I drive through files of schoolgirls, one line on either side of the road. They throw stones at me as I go through then I stop at a concrete hut which is where I'm staying for the night. The girl I'm with gets pissed off and leaves me. I go out to collect logs in the evening sunlight and bring them into the hut. I get out my two teddy bears and put them on glass shelves which face my bunk bed then I settle down and go to sleep.

Gig in a Warehouse.
We go to play a concert with a band at a warehouse-like youth club in a desolate part of town. Kev and Alison insist on playing new numbers which we only half know. People are getting bored by the interval. I want to play the old stuff but Kev and Alison won't have any of it.

Christmas in Oxford.
It's Christmas day and I go up the High Street in Oxford and into a church for the service. Some black guy across the aisle starts hassling me for some dope. I tell him some days in the year I have a day off. Outside, another black guy hassles me as I walk up the High Street on my way to Port Meadow. Eventually I get rid of him. I'm still troubled with dreams.

I'm playing my violin in front of a big window. A gang of raggedly dressed kids come and start taking the piss out of me. One is trying to say something to me so I go through the hallway to the door and open it. A gypsy woman is sitting on a large lawn but I only notice her after much bantering with the kids. One of the girls says "I'm looking for it". I notice that her tights are black and full of holes. The old woman says "Where is she?" I get confused and go indoors. It turns out I'm living with Billie. I find her and put my arm around her to lead her into another room, nice and big and white with a large wide window. "I think you'd better explain" I say. She does but it doesn't make any sense. "Do they want to play with Daniel?" she asks me. "Yes", I reply "They said something about playing by the cliffs"."No way" she says and tells me they're the gypsies who live across the way from our nice big house, in the woods.

Visit from My Brother.
My brother comes to visit me. He's turned into a tramp with thick, greasy, matted hair and a moustache. I get pissed off with him because he won't do any work around the house. I'm in a ruch and notice the washing up hasn't been done. I come into my bedroom to shout at him and see he's left the kettle on and the room's full of steam. I go apeshit.

I'm about to phone Dial-a-Thomas-Hardy-Novel because it's Christmas, and I feel like one, when the phone rings. A voice (like Tony's from the Pegasus Theatre) says "Hello. You don't remember me." and reminds me I'd agreed to buy shares or something, and I'm behind on my instalments. It's some big christian deal and he gives me the hard sell about it. "If it's so great" I say "why are you hassling me for money for it at 11 o'clock on a Tuesday night?" His voice becomes sinister and he starts blaming me for all the ills of the world. I tell him to fuck off and put the phone down. I can't get the dialling tone back at first, but eventually manage, and dial 01-278,then the voice is back. "You don't get rid of me that easily" it says. I try to laugh at him but my own voice comes out like a terrified, shrill, panting sound.

LSD at the Films.
I go to see a film I've seen before and take some LSD beforehand. I'm with someone and I don't remeber the film at all, or even know if I'm seeing the same as he's seeing. As the film goes on, everything beccomes magnified so the film seems to be of minute parasitic creatures attacking each other on a boulder-strewn landscape, then things get even more close-up and everything becomes just a jumble of fast.moving colours. At the end of the film I'm completely confused and can't even talk, except to say nothing's as I remembered it. Back home joanna phones, as I'd asked her to, but I can't say anything to her for the life of me.

Billie's Joke.
I'm visiting Billie and she tells me she saw some bloke last night who called late at night and said "Knock knock". She said "Who's there?" - "Sheet" - "Sheet who?" upon which he reached in through the window and pulled the sheet off her bed, pulled it through the window and into the garden. She thinks this is really funny but I find it all puerile and feel bad about the whole thing.

Moroccan Market.
I'm in a market in Morocco. It's sunny and everyone's smiling. I'm thirsty. Someone says "Have this! It'll take your thirst away" I don't know what I'm being offered. It looks like a small walnut. I take it from its wicker basket and eat it but don't believe it'll work. Still thirsty, I look for a drink but can't find anything except a stall run by English people who are selling milk in Sainsbury's cartons at 43p a pint. I think it's a bit steep, but I buy a pint in a carton then realise I'm not thirsty any more.


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