Guest house
I'm staying alone in a guest house. The daughter (black, curly hair – Karen Booth from my schooldays?) come son to me so I try to plan how to spend the night with her. I go for a reccy along a canal towpath and cycle through the fishing lines of 3 boys who are fishing there. I untangle myself and continue on the other side of the hedge, but find myself in a private garden where a woman tells me to ask some bloke how best to get out onto the main road.
(This turned out to be prophetic of Dori's visit where we went for a walk by the canal)
Previous Night:
I innocently take something on my way out of a shop and the shopkeeper shouts at me 'You'll pay for that! I don't know how, but you'll pay for it!'

I'm in the wings of a theatre, waiting to come out in the 2nd Act of a play. I realise the 1st act was very short and the 2nd act is too short to justify itself, so I 'spin out' my part, which is that of an ill person lying in bed, by pretending to vomit into a bucket (like Alan Davies in his one-man show; the part about Indian illnesses) Before the curtain goes up I realise it's still not long enough and I say this to my co-actress, who says 'Don't worry'
Yesterday I hyeard about Toshack's untimely death and I think this dream is trying to put it into context in my life. I'm at the half way point (end of act 1/start of act 2) and haven't got enough content left!

I'm cycling (through Ireland?) with friends. I set off (back to somewhere) on my own, realise that it's dusk and so start going faster to catch the last daylight. Going along a muddy road, I see Chris and Tom who are putting in bus-stops so I do skid-stop and stop for a chat with them.

Why 3 cars?
About to set off for a holiday in France with J and J and a black bloke. I overhear a comment that we'll need 3 cars. I wonder why.
Welsh Sam's theory: they're about to split up. I go into the next bar and hear that Chris and Arantxa have split up. Weird coincidence?


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