22 - 23 April, 2008


I'm at home in the house I grew up in (No 120) and want to store some screens (the black biombos from the Club Desastre) in our house's external coal cellar. My mum says I'm not allowed to but I sneak out of the back door to put them there anyway. I open the door to the coal hole and there's my mum inside wagging her finger in an 'I already said 'no'' sort of way.


The next day I dreamed about the old house again. This time I was in the back garden looking for somewhere to have a piss where no-one in our house or any of the neighbours' houses would see me. This is also a period of John dreaming about me (stealing his too-small suit and then sleeping in it and rumpling it up, to his annoyance)


11 – 12th May, 2008


Me and Kati are collecting money on the door of the Cerbuna Monologue competition but the passage is very wide and thousands of people are just brushing their way past without paying. Then I'm told I have to get on stage so I go running to a door at the head of a few steps (entrance to the Cerbuna?) where I'm waiting to be let in. Someone tells me it's in another building so, already late, I set off running there in a panic.


And that's where I woke up.


17th – 18th October 2008


I'm walking (almost running) up a wooded hill (the road to Castejón de Valdejasa) and showing someone the way with great enthusiasm. The track takes me a little bit off course but this doesn't daunt me and I'm having a great time struggling up the mountain.


(I think this dream is about the Club Desastre). I woke up at 10 a.m. to go and play with Zaragoza Celtic and had a rather good game in a 0-0 draw – my first time in the new pitch at Villanueva-


19th – 20th October


I'm waiting to play for Z Celtic, but it's an 11 a side game on a tarmac school playground. The other team kick off and the ball goes to Jason in goal (!) who palms it out to Dai who then puts through his own goal. After that, it's total chaos. I'm waiting to get on and realise I'm in my normal shoes. The game sort of disintegrates into 2 games spread over 2 pitches. A total mess.


3 – 4 Nov


I'm in the back seat of a car cuddled up with Marina and asking her if she remembers when we went to see The Incredibles at the cinema. She can't at first, but gradually remembers bits of the day. As always, when I dream of Marina, I'm so pleased to see her in my dream and so sad when I wake up knowing she's not there.


10 – 11 Nov


I'm outside Marina's old school, with people milling around, Marina and Marga among them. I go up to Marina to give her something; a box, which could be a violin case, but is too square. Then I want to put her on my bicycle seat and wheel her along like I used to but Marga won't let me.


15 – 16 December Asturias


Some gipsies are pursuing me down a snowy hill in a sleigh. They lead me to an ambush in the form of a gipsy camp half way up the snowy mountainside


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