Suzy Through a Window
Hundreds of men are trying to lift a wrecked ship out of the water on their backs. I'm waiting at the side of the pool they're in with some other people, under the command of one of them (Alan, from Farmoor, I think) who gives the order for us all to stone the workers, which we do with rocks anmd slings, etc. (That was fun). Then we're all transferred to a posh room, sitting round a coffee table. Suzy, Helen and John from Divinity Rd are there and are all about to leave, leaving me and Alan alone. I want to go with them but am persuaded to stay for a gam,e of something or other. I'm going to France for 3 weeks the day after and I want to see Suzy, who I watch out of the window as she walks off down a path. 'Is that a new building?' I ask my host, to give some justification to my looking out of the window. But the building, although modern, is obviously not new. I see Suzy playing with someone's hair as she walks along. I think it's John's, but it turns out to be Helen's, which seems to make it O.K.

Is the the Dream of a Sane Man?
Erica is lying on a bed and asks me over to her. I try to kiss her but she tries to make herself sick over me. We are in a strange bungalow lying on someone else's double bed.

Everything is Illegal
I take an empty can to a garage because my motorbike has run out of petrol, and fill it up. I pay for it via some automatic machine then someone runs out of the garaghe and tells me it's illegal to put petrol in a can and not in a tank. I give the petrol back and walk to a friend's house (Lofty, for some reason). He lives way out in the country and it's getting dark. We have a journeyt to make and I suggest we walk to the train station, taking something to smoke with us. Lofty isn't into it so I suggest we roll a few joints so we can throwe them away if we''e hassled.

A Bad Move
I move into Pete's house, intending to live there but Ewan sneers at me all the time and his young brother keeps passing racist comments. I decide to move back to Cowley Rd but as I lean aginst a kitchen unit ready to leave, his teenage sister enters and leans on me. We have sex on the table very quickly and then I wake up.

Jo and Nick in Cornwall
I go to visit Nick North in Newquay, where he's living with Joanna (Solan!) as her lover. 20 minutes before I'm due to catch the last bus back to London (at 11 p.m.) I decide to sleep with her, and she's into the idea. To get into the bedroom I have to hoist myself up through a hatch. Jo's already in bed but there isn't time so I grab all my stuff and run full pelt towards the town centre. There's nothing but a country road. At a junction an old man directs me to an old castle (like Lismore) but I get lost so I go back to stay at Nick and Jo's place.

Erica Still With Me
I leave a hall of residence-type building with Moira (?), James Newcombe and Erica. We walk over the hills (the way I used to go in Bolton, around the quarry and back down past the Recreation ground). We go into someone's garden when we're nearly home and are confronted with a fat, friendly bloke who'sd standing there among his plants. He gives us all some seeds to take away. They are, he tells us, 'moonweed seeds.'

I'm booked to play at the Oxford Improvisers' Co-op with Andy Hodges and Rod Poole. Rod forms another band and so does Andy, leaving me with no one to play with. I am exceedingly pissed-off and make a speech to Andy to this efffect.

Middle-aged Normals
I'm visiting a middle-aged couple for some reason. They keep asking about Bolton things (Ron Hill, John Linacre, my grandma, etc) and I keep nipping out to play tennis, football and things, except that there's no one to play with. In the end I resort to drawing in coloured chalks on the dinner table as we eat.

The Bosphorus
I go on holiday to Turkey and am shown the Bosphorus, a huge expanse of water with concrete banks. I swim out into it in a straight line and then spend a lot of time underwater.


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