In the East Stand.
I´m at Stamford Bridge, in the East Stand.Chelsea are 2-1 up against C.Palace. In the last minute something happens and everyone stands up. (I think we score).

Metal Detector.
I get home to my terraced house. A policeman and policewoman are going over the doorframe with a metal detector. I go in nevertheless and up to my top floor room where I get out my stash. A girlfriend comes round and I try to get her to buy it at half price. All she wants is sex, though.
I´m observing a class in Milton Keynes with Marianne. We´re sitting at the back. The kids are doing an oral, showing a video of themselves playing soccer in the playground. We watch, but M. keeps talking to me. Even the teacher has to tell her to shut up. I turn round and say "shhh" to her, taking hold of her hand and squuezing it as I do so.

Tibetan Monastery.
I return to a monastery in Tibet. Two friends I´m with doubt my faith then disappear. Not wanting to disturb the monks at table, I go up a wooden staircase which leads to a balcony outside. An evil creature (half-man type thing) follows me up the stairs and I run away knowing I´ll just be able to escape by getting through a strange gate contraption at the end, which I succesfully do.

Wild West.
I´m in the Wild West walking through deserts and mountains with two friends. We look for somewhere to stay, rejecting new touristy hotels and going down into the valley. My friends disappear. I go into a shop where people are sitting around in a circle on the floor. I take a long time choosing sweets from out of jars and take them to the counter to pay. A small Mexican boy charges me $13.00. I total it up and seethat it should be $3.50.

Last Three Lessons.
I´m late for the penultimate lesson (Ian Stewart) because I´ve left my bag in the toilet and can´t find it. I end up on the other side of Manchester (with Keith Dent?). We´re lost near Picadilly. The streets are big and wide and there are some Russian women tourists. I find Nigel Holmes´ old drinking place and we go down the amphitheatre-like steps to the old wooden door which now has ivy growing over it. Everything looks abandoned, derelict, overgrown. We try to find the tube stop(?) which turns out to be through the back of a record shop. There is a huge old wooden Victorian type lift which we go in. I look on the map to work out where to go but it´s all been scrubbed out except a very pale blue line and one stop on it ("Jail"). Losing hope. The lift is crammed. I can still make it.

Two Horrible Dreams.
I : Accused of Murder.
I´m in town and a girl is murdered near me. At home I´m talking about it with someone (for some reason I´m naked). Someone knocks at the front door. I go to answer it and though the glass I see a small woman. I open the door partially and she forces her way in clutching a knife and shrieking "murderer" at me. A frightening dream. I wake up at 5 a.m. The sky is red.

II : Getting Out of Town.
I´m with my friends when a copper stops me in the street for a chat. When he gets out of earshot he becomes very stern and serious. I know my friends are planning to plant a bomb but I pretend to think the police are after them for dope. I wonder what to do. In the evening I sneak to the bus station to get the first bus out of town at 8.30 p.m., all the while nervous of being discovered.

Matthew Arnold School.
I´m teaching at M.A. school and the kids are only half-interested. Mrs Dineen comes in and we teach together. The kids put their coats on and go to the door. I say "You´re not going out of that door" so they walk calmly out of the window onto an adjoining roof.

Moving House.
I´m moving house in Birmingham (with John and Janette) and carrying out of the house two glass cases,one like a big hat box and the other long and rectangular. I get the first one out and put it on the pavement, then I have terrible trouble with the second one. I put it down and the lid slides off. Lots of worms come crawling out over the edges (like in the hammer film version of "Premature Burial").

Strange Noises.
It´s night and there are strange noises coming from outside. I refuse to be frightened and go next door to see the neighbour, a woman sitting on a couch. I join her on the couch and she tells me her house is situated above the hole through which the lost souls are sucked into hell. You can hear them screaming. I feel a pressure on my chest like a finger pushing - it starts to burn and I can´t get off the seat. I wake up frightened.


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