Compendium of Games
I'm with Rhianne, Pablo and Helen, walking round a huge 'Compendium of Games'. There are snow drifts and laser beams and weird clothes to try on that cause optical illusions. Helen goes in a room where a laser beam shoots out, gets scared and runs off. We're walking round trying to find her.

1) I'm taking J and J (amnd someone else?) on a sightseeing tour of Harwood. I get off the bus a stop too soon and we have to walk back up Hardy Mill Lane in order to see some plaque on a dry stone wall, or something. John starts grumbling about the distance we have to walk
2) I'm watching England (in white) v Germany (in green) on TV (I think). 3 Germans go down in the area. The goalie thinks they've dived and is so pised off he throws them over the crossbar and onto the top netting of the goal, which then collapses.

Casco Viejo
I'm walking round Zaragoza's Casco Viejo (except that it's full of charming, multi-level views of lovely streets and a charming river) We take a look into someone's garden and see he has a view of a lawn leading down between trees to the Ebro. We're envious.

Long Journey Home
I'm on a bus going 'home' (looks like I live on an estate at the top of Hardy Mill Lane) I can see the houses looking lovely on top of a hill, but I decide to get off a bit before. I read an old stone signpost which has 'Jeweller's 100 yards' carved into it. I wonder how old it is. I'm alone and it's a sunny day. A feeling of well-being.
2nd part: In a triangle formed by streams, I'm on the bank of one on a raised glass plateau, partaking in some kind of a game. The other team has to get a stick from in front of me to a point behind me where two streams converge by some rocks and cliffs, but they 'cheat' by throwing it to a companion in a boat in the stream, so I run down to the rocks to anticipate their arrival and spoil their trick. But no one comes.

Pool Game Spoiled
I have to get to Heathrow (I think) I set off walking and end up in a disused mine, where I walk along an old metal gangway (like the one in Trinity St, Bolton) I see people getting on a coach (shoolkids, 15 years old) so I get on pretending to be part of their school trip, or whatever (They're speaking in a foreign language (German or Russian?) and I'm trying to understand. The driver's not paying attention and we crush a small red car which comes at us head on. Everyone gets off and I set up walking up thyrough a sort of hole in a motorway bridge where traffic is continuing to come down. I think I'll try to get to Forest Side, Kennington, Oxford, if possible. Suddenly, me and Dai are playing pool somewhere and a big German lad comes and puts his hand over the black ball. I remonstrate but he and his mate put money in to start a new game. I look round for Dai but he's fucked off.

Heroin addicts and murderers
Ma and J an J are on holiday with the car. We park it and find a place to sleep in a hut in a field. The place is crawling with heroin addicts and murderers. We manage to extricate ourselves without betraying our fear too much. At one point one of them has a gun to my head.

I'm living in a house and 2 girls move in. One is Elena from the Sopa de Letras (I remember her hat and her twisted tooth) As soon as her friend goes out she starts having sex with me in the most natural, easy way. I go along with it and we have a great time in the garden, in the hall, etc. My only adult wet dream.

Dissolving corpse
A doctor show me a patient on whom he has operated unsuccessfully. He seems to be dissolving in soem kind of liquid. A nightmare (based on the League of Gentlemen, problems with Elena (not Sopa Elena) and the state of my toilet)

Pushing in
I'm at a football club type of dinner and Dai is egging me on to start an argument with some bloke. I think this is a reference to him queue-jumping me to Mari-Carmen last night. Second time in a month he's been so rude.

Weird landscape
I'm with a group of people in Ireland and 2 of us split off from the group to go and buy something, which they don't have in the shop we go in, so we go for a walk. We go up a ramp to a turn-off but whoever I'm with falls back down the first time then manages it at the second attempt and we arrive at a platform on legs which bends over low enough for you to jump off. I see a railway line and decide to follow it to see what direction we're going in.


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