I end up playing handball with a family that's been putting me up (including one fat girl who looks like Linda Potter from my childhood) and play really well, taking my lead from some fat bloke we saw on the TV scoring a great goal v the USA.

Too many goalkeepers
I turn up for a Zaragoza Celtic game and see the Pict's turned up all decked out in green goalkeeping kit. Then I see another goalie identically attired beside him and wonder how I'm going to explain to him that he's lost his place. I look over and there are 2 more, so we've got 4 all of a sudden.

Indoor football
Dai's organised an indoor football tournament so I turn up and it's just a sort of barn with mattresses on the floor. I'm confused so I go off somewhere else and end up playing a game in a room somewhere with 2 little girls.

Vague memory of having a horrible argument with my brother.

Played badminton with Steve and hit the shuttlecock so hard my raquet strings broke. I thought this was a memroy, not a dream, when I woke up (and that I had no other raquet – also false) for about an hour.

Must be a dream
I'm playing futbol sala and Rafa's running at me. I expect him to dribble at me but he puts a perfect pass in for Chris W to score a tap-in goal (both of which made me think it must have been a dream)

Breakfast in bed
I'm in bed with a pretty, dark-haired, 17-year old girl, having a great time. It's morning and her dad brings us beakfast. None of us seem surprised.

I'm trying to keep control of a class of about 100 students, and just about managing by drawing stuff on the board and getting them to do things. For some reason this reminds me that a week ago I dreamed about running around trying to get money off a Welsh bloke to get a ticket for an important ferry-crossing, which I suppsoe was jsut to wake me up so I didn't miss my lift from Dai.

Summer 99
I find some kids larking around in a van (they nearly run me over) and take it on myself to see them home without calling the police. Later I call round to see if their mum (Ann, from St Joseph's canteen) has read my play. She'd fallen asleep with her head on the kitchen table while reading it.


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