14th – 15th January

 I'm walking through a university campus with my violin and three gorgeous girls come up and ask me to go and play for them out on the lawn.


30th – 31st January

 At the end of a long, complicated 'storyline' that I can't remember, I find myself in a submarine with the Residents going over an old Victorian aqueduct.


End of June –

At the end of a dream I'm in some murky black waters, clinging onto the handlebars of my bike. I feel myself start to slip down and get dragged under by the undertow and a sense of panic comes over me. However, though it makes sense to let go of the bike's handlebars, something in me won't allow me to and I feel myself being pulled down. Quite terrifying.


26th – 27th March (while sleeping on Miguel's couch in Madrid)

 I'm having a nice time with Sandra, my Serbian princess... fun, sex and everything. I guess this dream is to compensate for my relationship with Elena having ended.


1st – 2nd July 2011

I go on a mission (some kind of terrorist affair? with a bomb in my rucksack, on my bike. I sit at the top of a hill tog et my breath back and some gangs of schoolkids walk past, laughing at how shabbily dressed I am. I don't give a flying fuck.


19th – 20th September


"There are Five Ways Over the Mountain"


This is the last concept of a dream I was interrupted from. My first week back in Spain has featured several dreams where I'm on a journey, going over nice landscape from a gorgeous city and on to my next stop, which I also hope to turn out nice. I like the enigmatic phrase, though.


27th – 28th September


I'm being prepared for an operation by a very kind nurse. It seems to be a trapped nerve in the knee, but I feel no pain. The surgeon arrives and it is Juan, the owner of the Morrissey. He prepares to do the operation, explaining what it is, and that I'll be unconscious for 3 or 4 hours. What most worries me is that I have things to do and can't afford to be asleep for that long. I then rationalise all this to myself and decide that, since I am not suffering any pain, I don't want to have the operation. I tell Juan this and leave.


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