Finally I arrive back in ZGZ for another trip on the Comedy Roller-Coaster. This summer just gone, thanks to my good friends, was a fantastic time from start to finish - from Bardsey island in Wales to Sheppey island off the Kent coast in a sort of offbeat diagonal line.

I left 2 sets of people to edit stuff down from recordings and am eager to hear both 'Aggravations and Acronyms', the latest Peabody and Browning offering... and 4 or 5 of the tracks we laid down at Ratgoose on OCDC's 2nd Album 'Surrender to the Gods of Groove'. They'll be uploaded to this page asap.

I got all the cycling and reaidng in I could have asked for, bolstered by fantastic company and conversation(s). Let's keep the good times rollin' back in 'normality'.

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