Aqui estoy preparando, para vuestra delectación, mi página sobre el veganismo y el trato con los animales a lo largo de la historia. Para tentaros, aquí las últimas citas que tengo que meter no-sé.donde. Cuando esté terminado aperecerá aquí para uso y disfrute de todo el mundo (en versión española también)

Two or three days before we made Cape Frio, five or six Spermaceti whales passed close to the ship… they did not appear to me ill-shaped fishes, and as the sun shone brilliantly at the time, the colour of their backs were reflected with every luster and variety…. Salt water seems to be a very favourable medium for shewing changes of colour for I have always thought that the appearance of the Dolphins// darting about in the water, greatly exceeds the much talked of changes which they exhibit when dying.

-          The Diary of Thomas Kinder, 22nd July, 1808.


I found little inducement again to stir without its (Monte Video’s) walls, as the horses are taken so little care of that in general it require more whipping and spurring that I found myself  disposed to apply, to make them move at a tolerable pace, with the continulal unpleasant knowledge that you are forcing your horse not only beyond his will, but to his manifest hurt

                - The Diary of Thomas Kinder, 12th September, 1808.


Mike Tyson - His diet used to include human ear but it's been strictly vegan for about two years. Mike's even partnered up with national organization Last Chance for Animals to spread the word. He says he wishes he'd been a vegan since birth.

Tobey McGuire - This superhero has been meat product-free for almost a decade. When he had to get buff for hisSpiderman role, he got his protein by eating tofu.


I would say, Bless Matthew O’Callaghan, chairman of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association because the Leicester Mercury reports that ‘at last year’s Annual Pork Pie Convention told hundreds of thousands of pork pie connoisseurs and producers “I had a bad experience with some food in Bangkok fifteen years ago and just cannot face meat again. I don’t know how to say this, but I’m a vegetarian”’.

As told by Mark Steel on Mark Steel’s in Town, BBC Radio 4, 25th May, 201


Cheat appetite by eating light things, especially vegetables

                                   - Dr William Cullen (c. 1780)

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